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re:VERSE - DS/3DS Fanart Contest! Ended!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 4:24 PM

Update: The contest has ended, thank you all for your wonderful entries! The winners have been announced in this journal:


reVERSE-Studio is holding a fanart contest!

We are going with the theme of Nintendo DS/3DS games! The grand prize is a DS/3DS game of your choice, a copy of the DS/3DS fanbook itself featuring the winner's artworks, dA points and memberships, copies of our Studio Ghibli fanbook! Please read on if you are interested  in participating, or interested in entering the raffle, thank you!


►  We are planning a fanbook of Nintendo DS/3DS games! I'm sure many of you are familiar with this theme, and yes, we accept fanart of most existing or upcoming DS/3DS titles, except the franchised ones (for more details please read this list).
►  We are NOT accepting fanart of titles on any other platforms. We WILL check each entry to make sure the game is available in DS/3DS. There are LOADS of DS/3DS games, I'm sure there has to be at least one thing you're interested in.


►  There will be 1 grand prize winner (aka first place), 1 second place, and an unlimited number of judges' choice.
►  Every winner mentioned above will have their artworks printed in the fanbook with proper credit (see below for copyright details).
►  The grand prize winner will receive one DS/3DS game of choice (up to $40 value), a 6 month dA subscription or the point equivalent (1272 points), a copy of our Studio Ghibli fanbook, and one copy of the game fanbook with all the pre-order bonuses that we will offer.
►  The second place will receive a 3 month dA subscription or the point equivalent (636 points), a copy of our Studio Ghibli fanbook, and a copy of the game fanbook with all the pre-order bonuses that we will offer.
►  The judges' choice(s) will receive a copy of the game fanbook with all the pre-order bonuses that we will offer.

Submission Rules

►  All rules are subjected to changes.
►  The entry MUST be created after the publication of this journal. We are not accepting illustrations that weren't drawn for this contest.
►  You may enter up to 3 entries, but only 1 can win.
►  You are not allowed to draw your OCs.
►  Please do NOT place official logos of the game in your entry.

Timeline/Submission Guidelines

► The contest starts now! The submission deadline is MARCH 31ST, 2014 11:59 PM PST. No more extensions will be given.
►  Your canvas dimension should be 8.5 x 11-inches in at least 300 dpi with 0.125-inch bleed margins on each side. Here is a template you might want to use. Please FILL THE WHOLE CANVAS, but be aware that things in the gray area will be CROPPED OFF so do not place any important objects there. For more directions, please read the descriptions in the template stash.
►  Please do not place large watermarks/signatures in the image. We will place proper credits on the image page and/or in the index.
►  We accept artworks in other mediums as long as they are in the correct dimensions mentioned above.
►  To participate in the contest, please submit your full artwork (doesn't have to be full resolution) in your gallery. Please write the name of the game you drew in the artist comment section, and submit to our group, reVERSE-Studio, under the folder named "Contest Entries". You do NOT have to be a member of the dA group to submit. Here is a tutorial on how to do so.
►  If you win, you will be contacted via note to provide your original file in .psd format. You do not have to convert to CYMK, we can do that for you. If the file does not meet the printing requirement, you will have to forfeit the competition so please make sure it's correct.
►  The winners will be announced in April and will be contacted shortly after the announcement!
►  We will be opening preorders around May or so, the book prize will be sent with the preorders.

Judges/Judging Criterias

►  Everyone from reVERSE-Studio will be voting on the winners.
►  We will be looking at the overall composition, colors, and creativity.
►  We will also be illustrating some of the games for this fanbook, so it would be nice if we can get other entries to be of the ones we didn't cover. If 2 entries are tied and one entry illustrated something we already had and one entry the other we didn't have, we will most likely take the one we didn't have. WE DO ACCEPT REPEATS.
►  Here is a list of what we have planned and some title suggestions to start everyone off with. It can also be found on top of the journal under "Game Master List".


►   We are holding a raffle for one copy of the game fanbook and one copy of our Studio Ghibli fanbook!
►   To enter this raffle, you MUST do all of the following:
                 ►   Favorite this journal.
                 ►   Post a journal on your account, and link back to this journal.
                 ►   Post a comment in this journal, linking to your journal.
                 ►   Wait till after the contest to see if you've won!
►   We will announce and contact the winners after the contest ends and the prizes will be shipped with the preorders.

Copyright Info

►  By entering in our contest, you, the artist, agree that you are at least 18 years of age, or have parental consent, and give us, members of reVERSE-Studio, the right to edit and print your artwork in our upcoming fanbook for the purposes of maximizing the printing advantage and promotion relating to the fanbook. You reserve the full rights to your image and will be given credit any time it appears.
►  You, as well as reVERSE-Studio, agree to give credit to the game developer, and cannot claim the ownership of any characters that appear in the artworks. reVERSE-Studio will properly credit all artworks and characters to their respective owners in the fanbook.

Other Info/FAQ

►   Q: The template provided is in portrait orientation, but is landscape allowed?
►   A: While we do prefer the entries to be in portrait orientation, landscape is allowed. But if it gets chosen, we will decide how it would appear in the book, which means that it might only be printed on half a page, or cropped depending on how the book turns out.
►   Q: Are crossovers allowed?
►   A: Yes, as long as all of them are acceptable DS/3DS games.
►   Q: The game I want to illustrate is only available in Japanese, is that acceptable?
►   A: Yes it is, as long as it's originally meant to be a DS/3DS game (see notes on the master list for details).

►  Any questions about anything that I forgot to mention above will go here. So if anything needs more clarification please feel free to ask in the comment section and will be added here.

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you know if you extended it like another hour it would be perfect xD
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I guess it'll be next time OTL
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Unfortunately I didn't make it, had to sleep....ah, well, maybe I'll participate in next contest :) 
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omg I'm so not gonna finish xD 
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Here is my entry from Ni no Kuni!
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